On Sunday, May 22, 2022, at 4:43:07 PM, Newberry Township Police were dispatched to the Walmart (50 Newberry Pkwy.) for an active threat. 911 had received numerous calls reporting a shooting that occurred inside the store, which injured at least one person. Due to the initial information received from the callers on scene, multiple police units were dispatched from York and Cumberland Counties to assist with the incident.

A Newberry Township Police officer arrived first on the scene at 4:43:59 PM, less than one minute from being dispatched. Upon the arrival of the first responding officers, initial information was assessed, and officers entered the store. Shortly after entering the store, a male identified as Pedro Rosado-Fernandez was taken into custody and a 9mm handgun lying nearby was secured. Officers then located the male gunshot victim near the rear of the store, where bystanders were providing medical aid. The victim was escorted out of the store and transferred to the care of EMS for treatment and transport to a trauma facility. The victim suffered a single gunshot wound to the arm.

Based upon information obtained by the initial responding officers, the situation appeared to be isolated to an argument between the suspect and the victim, however, to ensure the absolute safety of the public and the business, a comprehensive and thorough search was conducted by law enforcement personnel on scene from numerous agencies. Following this search, the presence of any other actors or threats was ruled out and it was confirmed that all other employees, patrons and members of the public were evacuated and uninjured.

The investigation of this incident was handled by members of the Newberry Township Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Unit. Numerous interviews were conducted, evidence was collected and video surveillance from inside the store was reviewed. The investigation revealed a relationship between the suspect and victim, which surrounds a small child who was also at the store during the shooting. The facts and circumstances of this incident were reviewed with the York County District Attorney’s Office and charges were brought against the defendant, Pedro Rosado-Fernandez. These charges include Aggravated Assault and Recklessly Endangering another person.

The response by all public safety agencies involved in this incident is the direct result of continued training, and the multi-agency cooperation that occurs in law enforcement. The officers involved in this incident worked quickly and safely to ensure any threat of danger to the public was removed and their safety ensured. Additionally, the quick response and professionalism of the assisting Fire, EMS and communication specialists was imperative to this incident.