Motor Carrier Enforcement

Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP)


The MCSAP program is a law enforcement based commercial driver-vehicle inspection program utilizing the North American Standard Level I inspection procedure which emphasizes the following objectives:

1.) Remove potentially unsafe drivers and imminently hazardous vehicles from the Highways.

2.) Direct attention to the provisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations(FMCSR), Federal Hazardous Materials Regulations (FHMR), the Canadian National Safety Code, the Mexican Federal Safety Regulations and compatible state & provincial rules by requiring repairs of vehicle defects and appropriate remedial action for the vehicle and/or driver violations.

3.) Document violations that might be used in subsequent enforcement actions, including Out-of-Service violations.

4.) Obtain information regarding carriers, drivers, vehicles and cargo relative to safety & compliance, and overall program direction & evaluation.

5.)  The department has a minimum mandated requirement of 40 Level I and 30 Level III inspections annually.

6.)  Weights and Measures-Calibration and certification of portable scales annually.

The operation of the MCSAP program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania falls under the authority of the PA State Police, with MCSAP certified local police also having enforcement authority with a minimum mandated requirement of 32 Level I inspections annually, as well as a mandated requirement for annual update training.

In addition to commercial driver-vehicle inspection/enforcement, the incorporation of Weights & Measures enforcement by certified law enforcement personnel increases efforts for enhanced commercial vehicle/public safety by insuring that vehicle weights are in compliance with wheel load, axle load and total vehicle weight requirements established by law.

Weights & Measures enforcement falls under the authority of the PA Department of General Services, with enforcement authority granted to certified law enforcement personnel and requiring a one-time certification for operation. The PA Dept. of General Services also provides calibration and certification for portable scales utilized for motor carrier enforcement purposes as required every 90 days.

The Newberry Township Police Department currently employs three(3) certified MCSAP inspectors, which are also Weights & Measures certified, and employs the use of Haenni WL-101 portable wheel load scales as part of this function as well.

The Newberry Township P.D. MCSAP inspectors are generally assigned, but not limited to, inspection details in 2-officer teams at designated weigh stations along I-83 in Newberry Township, where they perform systematic inspections of commercial drivers and vehicles, as well as conduct vehicle weight compliance checks in an effort to maximize safety while enforcing commercial driver-vehicle compliance in conjunction with federal and state regulations.

The Newberry Township P.D. MCSAP Team also periodically extends service in assisting the PA State Police, DOT Motor Carrier Enforcement, Public Utilities Commission and other Local Municipal Police Departments upon request.