Community First

The Newberry Township Police Department takes tremendous pride in the fact that we put this community first.  Our officers have proven time and time again that we are very committed to making this a safe community to live in through crime prevention programs and safety programs such as bike rodeos and bike helmets for children.  The department has obtained bike safety grants that provide free helmets to children through the bike safety programs.  The officers also patrol on bicycles in the Township and Boroughs when possible.  You may see them riding by in areas that are accessible to the patrols.  We tend to focus on those areas that have higher population densities such as townhouses and the Boroughs.


Along with the bike programs, the police department conducts patrols in the three schools located in the township.  Newberry Elementary, Red Mill Elementary and York Haven Elementary schools are all within our jurisdiction and we pride ourselves on school patrols by officers.  The program has been very well received by the school officials.  The students have been very receptive to seeing officers in the buildings and they are able to meet and get to know the officers on a positive level.  The department will continue to focus on school safety and security with assisting the school district with lock down drills and security.