Community Outreach

The Newberry Township Police Department has made community outreach a priority for our agency. Our outreach program is extensive and we understand how vitally important these programs are to our department and to the community.  We work very hard to be a part of the communities we serve.  

Programs and activities include:

TEAM (Teaching Educating and Mentoring) 

Foot Patrols our Elementary Schools

Child Identification Kits

K-9 Demonstrations and Drug School Searches

Secret Santa Programs

National Night Out

We recognize that working with our community and reaching out to people has enabled us to do our jobs more effectively.  Our in school teaching programs and foot patrols let the students get to know police officers. This builds a strong bridge between police and community.

The Police Department often has people who volunteer to help us with these activities.  Along with the officers and our civilian staff, many people have assisted with our programs and made them a success.