Statement on National Night Out Cancellation

During the June 23rd Board of Supervisors meeting, Chief Lutz announced that the 2020 National Night Out Event was being cancelled due to the situation with COVID-19 that we’ve faced this year. The decision to cancel this year’s event involved much consideration and was not taken lightly. Newberry Police value our strong bond with our community members and look forward to this event each year. We also understand that this decision may disappoint or upset some of our community partners and citizens. We are equally disappointed however, when weighing the circumstances we were faced with, we believe that the best decision was to cancel the event.

Health and safety were an obvious consideration for the event. In the past few years, we have had an excess of 2,500 people attend the event. Furthermore, the planning and sponsorship of National Night Out takes months to complete successfully. Committee meetings have been difficult due to COVID-19 but more importantly, our local business partners have faced closings, restrictions, and other financial strains during the pandemic.

Our National Night Out celebration is funded solely on sponsorship and donations that are received from these businesses and it is their support that makes National Night Out as enjoyable as it is. Due to the hardships these business endured, we did not feel it was appropriate to seek sponsorship or donations from them, who historically were so generous to our event. We support their financial rebuilding as they navigate their re-openings and employee retention efforts.

We hope our residents understand these considerations and respect our decision to cancel this year’s event. We look forward to National Night Out 2021 and hope you join us for a safe and enjoyable night!