Tango is an English Labrador Retriever that is trained in detecting electronics that store media; videos and photographs.  Tango was trained by Jordan K9 Detection and was donated to the police department by the Operation Underground Railroad (www.ourrescue.org).  Tango is part of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force in southcentral PA and is one of three electronic sniffing dogs (ESD) in Pennsylvania.  Tango can be requested anywhere in the Commonwealth to assist in search warrants related to the ICAC Task Force.  

Tango's primary purpose is protecting children by finding hidden or concealed evidence that contains evidence of criminal activity relating to human trafficking and/or the manufacturing, distribution and possession of child pornography.  

Officer Jesse Main is assigned as Tango's handler.  Tango lives with Officer Main and his family when not on-duty.  The K9 team started their partnership on August 2, 2021 during their initial two-week training period.  Tango started at the police department on August 16, 2021 and has been involved in approximately 10 search warrants since then.  

K9 Tango has been a great addition to our police department.  We look forward to Tango assisting us, human officers, with his special skills and senses to put child predators behind bars.