****Press Release****

    The West Manchester Township Police in conjunction with the DNA Doe Project wish to announce  updated information on our 2013 Unidentified Victim of Homicide.  The skeletal remains were discovered in November 2013 at Haviland and Loucks Rd in West Manchester Township.  This department has been actively and continuously investigating this case since that day.

   Previous data obtained from the victim in this case indicated he was possibly a Hispanic or Caucasian male. In an attempt by this department to get information entered into Genealogy websites more extensive DNA testing was done for this case. Technology has finally been able to extract a more extensive DNA profile for this victim. With this testing that was done with the help of the DNA Doe Project we have finally learned that our victim in this case is 75% Sub-Saharan African and 7% North Atlantic.  This means our victim was black and may have had a Caucasian great-grandparent or great- great grandparent in the family line. Results based on this new information are showing in the genealogy websites of distant family in the North Carolina area and surrounding states.

  We also obtained a new artist rendition based on this new information from Forensic Artist Jenny Kenyon from State College Pennsylvania. We are releasing these new renditions in hopes that someone may recognize this victim and provide more information as to his identity. It should be noted the artist rendition is not meant to be an exact likeness of the victim only a possible likeness as some features may or may not be present such as hair and one’s darkness or lightness in skin tone.  Two images have been released one showing the victim with the left nasal and left orbital fractures obtained sometime in his life that had healed prior to his death. The other is a rendition without those fractures being considered.

This information still falls in line with the information obtained from the isotope testing indicating our victim was born and grew up in the southeastern part of the United States.

Anyone with questions or information on this victim or this crime is encouraged to contact West Manchester Township Police at 717-792-9514. Please ask for Sergeant Lance E Krout or Detective Sgt. Sean Conway.