Patrol officers are charged with ensuring the safety and well-being of specified areas within a municipality. Police patrols serve a variety of purposes, all with the underlying objective of keeping their municipality safe and crime-free. The 4 patrol sergeants and 16 patrol officers of the West Manchester Township Police Department share the responsibilities of patrol which may include the following activities:

  • Monitoring suspicious or unusual activity
  • Responding to calls for assistance or investigation
  • Enforcing the motor vehicle code by Issuing citations for traffic or parking violations
  • Responding to traffic crashes
  • Investigating abandoned vehicles
  • Trouble shooting issues such as malfunctioning traffic lights and other potential roadway hazards
  • Investigating missing children or senior citizens
  • Responding to medical emergencies
  • Enforcing municipal ordinances related to the health and safety of our residents
  • Frequent public interaction through foot patrol, business checks, school checks, bank checks, and vacation checks

The patrol division of the West Manchester Township Police Department works toward achieving these objectives through a philosophy of community-oriented policing.

Community-oriented policing is a strategy of policing that focuses on building ties and working closely with members of the communities. The central goal of community policing is for the police to build relationships with the community through interactions with local agencies and members of the public, creating partnerships and strategies for reducing crime and disorder.