York County John Doe

The West Manchester Township Police recovered human remains in November of 2013 at the intersection of Loucks Rd and Haviland Rd. Since that time this police department has sought assistance from various agencies and laboratories throughout the United States. In 2016 this department did send the remains to the University of South Florida Forensic Anthropology Laboratory requesting analysis of the bone and teeth for geochemical isotopic analysis to assess whether the decedent’s geographic region of origin is consistent with his region of recovery. The results and full written report have been given to this police department.

The West Manchester Township Police is still actively investigating this homicide case and wish to have this information released hoping someone will come forward. It is the desire of the department and investigators to not only find the identity of the deceased but also bring the person or persons responsible for his death to justice.

At the time of the discovery it was determined by the forensic anthropologist that the deceased had been at this location for 3 to 10 years and possibly longer.  Based on this information we are searching all missing person reports from 2010 and before.  The deceased is a Hispanic-American or Caucasian male between 30-50 years of age. He was 5’3” to 5’10” tall, slender build and muscular. The deceased at one time had a broken nose that had healed over time and did have an upper dental plate replacing several teeth. 



The testing done by the University of South Florida under the direction of Dr. Erin Kimmerle Ph.D. has concluded the following information. The deceased had a higher presence of C4 (corn maize) in his childhood diet compared to the typical USA diet. This in combination with the ancestry estimate, points to Hispanic-American individual. Based upon the isotope testing we feel he was from an Hispanic family but was born and resided in the USA.  The deceased spent his early childhood in southeastern USA, possibly north Florida, Georgia, southern parts of South Carolina, southern Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. (red zone on the attached pdf map)

Testing done by the University of Arizona based upon Carbon 14 dating of the teeth determined the individual was born sometime around 1961-1964.   

Also based upon this testing it has been determined the deceased spent the last decade of his life in or around the state of Pennsylvania. The states highlighted in yellow are the states consistent with the deceased’s isotope makeup. Some of those states are Maryland, West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri and Maine.

It is the hope of the West Manchester Township Police Department that a friend, family member or acquaintance of the deceased sees this information along with the provided sketches and recognizes this person as a person they know. The different sketches provided are an artist’s rendition of what the deceased may have looked like at the time of death plus two age regression drawings. They are not to be exact images but show possible similar traits that may help another person recognize the deceased.

If anyone has information on this case please contact the West Manchester Township Police Department at 717-792-9514 and ask for Officer Lance Krout.

Possible Victim Renderings (not an exact representation):







                   Age Regression Photo (18-25 years old)                                          Age Regression(25+ years old)

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