Shop With A Cop 2021

Shop with a Cop is a program that was started fifteen years ago by the Lower Windsor Township Police Officer’s Association. Our mission is simple - to brighten the holiday season for the children and families in Lower Windsor Township and East Prospect Borough. Through school guidance counselors, private submissions and school employees, we are able to identify children whose family may be struggling financially, have an ill parent or sibling, have a deployed parent, or just had a bad year. Knowing the financial burden the holiday season can bring, we do our part to bring back that holiday magic.

With help of the local community and volunteers, The Lower Windsor Township Police Officers Association provides each child/family with breakfast, a bus trip to Target to shop, and an ending of the day by wrapping presents and lunch. Officers assist the children while they are shopping at Target.

The Police Officers Association finances this massive shopping event through some very generous donations, and events we hold throughout the year. Every single penny that is raised for this event gets spent on these children and their families. This is the culminating event of a lot of hard work, and we try to make it the best day of their year, because without a doubt it is the best day of ours!

All donations are handled by the Lower Windsor Township Police Officers Association, which is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. These are restricted funds, ONLY to be used for Shop with Cop. We truly hope that you find this cause worthy of your donations. We know that these struggling families could not be more appreciative, but for every Officer involved, it is just as rewarding! These kids have faced significant life challenges and we want them to know their "village" is there to support them when we are needed the most.