NEWS RELEASE - Package Thefts

The Hanover Borough Police Department is investigating several thefts of packages delivered to businesses and residences over the last several weeks in Hanover Borough.  Officers were able to identify three suspects (18 year old Hanover man, 16 year old Hanover juvenile, and a 12 year old Hanover juvenile) and recovered stolen property, some of which the owner(s) have yet to be identified.  Theft related charges are pending against the suspects.

If you have a business or residence along Meade Avenue, Boundary Avenue, Baltimore Street, Center Square, Broadway, East Walnut Street, West Walnut Street, or Wilson Avenue and have had delivered packages taken recently, please contact the Hanover Borough Police Department at 717-637-5575 or through the CRIMEWATCH App.

Also, if you have a camera system at your business or residence, please consider registering it on the CRIMEWATCH App.  The police department will not have access to your camera system, only information that your cameras exist in the event we need assistance for an investigation.  The police department was able to solve these thefts with the aid of a residential camera system.

No other information available.

Hanover Police