Hiring Process

The hiring process for the Hanover Borough Police Department falls under the Rules and Regulations of the Hanover Borough Civil Service Commission.  The Hanover Borough Police Department currently participates in the Metropolitan York Police Testing Consortium for the application, written exam, and oral exam processes.

Application: Persons interested in becoming a police officer for the Hanover Borough Police Department should verify that they meet all qualifications first.  They then proceed to the MYPTC website, www.yorkpolicejobs.org, to create an account and complete the application.  The consortium currently charges a $60.00 application fee to cover the costs of testing.

Written/Oral Exams: The MYPTC currently holds the written and oral exams on the same day. The applicants who pass the minimum combined (50/50) test score set by the Civil Service Commission will continue with the Hanover Borough Police Department Process.

Background Investigation, Polygraph, and Fitness Standard Test: Applicants will be contacted off the hiring list to proceed.  Applicants will be required to complete an in depth questionnaire to assist the background investigator. It is important to provide all information requested, as omissions are cause for disqualification in the process.  As part of the background investigation, all applicants are required to submit to a polygraph examination.  Also during this time frame, you will be required to take the Fitness Standard Test and the Nelson Denney reading test (if required).  Please follow the link to the view the minimum fitness test standards; https://mpoetc.psp.pa.gov/training/Documents/Revised%20Training%20Documents/Basic%20Police%20Officer%20Training/Physical%20Fitness/MPOETC%20Fitness%20Charts.pdf

Conditional Offer for Employment:  Applicants successfully completing all requirements up to this point will be put before the Civil Service Commission to certify a hiring list based on the number of officers the Borough of Hanover intends to hire.  From this list, the Hanover Borough Council approves the conditional offer of employment based off the Civil Service Rules and Regulations.  As part of the conditional offer for employment, at a minimum, applicants are required to pass a medical physical examination (overall fitness, drug screen, eye and hearing exams) and a psychological examination.  Other conditions may apply to the applicant.

Oath of Office:  After successfully passing the medical and psychological examinations, the Hanover Borough Council votes to appoint the applicant (s) to the position of probationary police officer and the Mayor administers the Oath of Office.

Administration Day/Police Academy:  Following the Oath of Office, probationary officers will work an administration day at the police department which consists of basic gear issuance, uniform measuring, payroll, etc.  It is then off to the Police Academy for 6 months of basic police training, culminating in the MPOETC certification test to become a police officer.

Field Training/Probation:  Upon successful completion of the police academy and certification as a police officer, new officers will commence a 16 week field training program.  During this time they will be observed by senior training officers while learning the department's culture, rules and regulations, etc.  This is also the start of a one year probationary evaluation process.