Handle with Care Program and Registry

The Hanover Borough Police Department is proud to be a community partner in the Handle with Care program. The Handle with Care program is a dynamic approach to effectively serve members of the community with mental health/special needs. The approach is multi-faceted and implements a special needs registry while also providing training to officers on mental health / special needs response.

The registry is designed to collect and store the voluntary submission of information which can be used to aide law enforcement when engaging with those who have mental health / special needs. Those interested in submitting mental health / special needs information can do so by using the following link: https://york.crimewatchpa.com/hanoverboropd/42186/webforms/handle-care-r...

The Handle with Care program contains a training component which is a major focus of the program. The Hanover Borough Police Department pledges in its mission statement to provide professional, efficient and courteous police services. The mission statement goes on to state that the goals of the department are to provide our community a safe environment to live and work in and to improve the quality of life for both our residents and visitors. We believe that this mission and its accompanying goals applies equally to those residents and visitors to the Borough of Hanover who may experience or have mental health/ special needs. Training within the Handle with Care program is just one more way to better prepare our officers to serve the community.