York City Police And Assisting Agencies Make Several Gun Arrests

On September 21st, 2022 a York City Police Detective, who is a U.S. Marshalls Fugitive Task Force member, obtained a warrant to enter a house at 1120 Stone Gate Drive in York for fugitive Matthew Hughes.  Members of the York City Police Violence Intervention Unit, York City Spec-Ops Division, York County District Attorney’s office, and the York County Drug Task Force assisted the fugitive task force in the execution of the warrant. 

Once inside the house police detained several individuals, including Matthew Hughes.  Two subsequent search warrants were applied for and signed by a judge based on a secondary investigation.  The following items were seized:

  • Approximately 21 grams of marijuana
  • Approximately 62 grams of meth
  • Approximately 22 grams of crack cocaine
  • Approximately 37 grams of powder cocaine
  • Approximately 10 grams of fentanyl
  • A large sum of cash
  • (5) firearms in total
    • (2) loaded ghost guns with extended magazines
    • (2) loaded 9mm Glock handguns (1) extended magazine
    • (1) loaded Palmetto 7.62 caliber assault rifle ghost gun with magazine.
  • Two of the handguns had been outfitted with auto sears, which is a federal offense to possess. 

Antonio Jones, Furman Dennis, Rashad Colon, and Matthew Hughes were arrested for felony firearm and drug violations