Two Week Operation By York City Police And Partners Nets Multiple Arrests

After a two-week operation in the City of York, the York City Police Violence Intervention Unit (VIU) spearheaded several investigations that lead to the seizure of illegal firearms, illicit drugs, and money.  The VIU focused its attention on group members associated with the city’s gun violence and ultimately arrested several of them.  The York City Violence Intervention Unit was assisted by the York City Juvenile Engagement Unit, York City Detective Bureau, York City Spec-Ops, York County Probation, and the York County Drug Task Force.  As the Group Violence Intervention model suggests, if people in our community will not put down the guns and stop the gun violence, a united law enforcement effort will come after them. 

Below is a list of stats from the last two weeks that is proof of this united effort.  

11 felonies

23 warrants served 

10 firearms (includes stolen and ghost guns)

71 grams of crack cocaine

4.5 pounds of marijuana 

33 grams of powder cocaine

$3,081 in currency 

5 were arrested for felonies 

Shootings bring police. Guns bring police.