Public Service Announcement

The York City Police Department has recently seen an increase in late night / early morning robberies. As such, we felt this was a good opportunity to provide some tips to the citizens of York.

1. Avoid Complacency – Everyone gets complacent. Cell phones are a major component of distraction and cause for complacency. Every few moments, just remind yourself to pick your head up and look around!

2. Identify the Elements Around You – Identify things around you that can help serve you and your family in the case of an emergency.

3. Trust Your Feelings – If something does not feel right, then it might be true. If you see something suspicious, report it. Criminal acts are thwarted every day because citizens choose to speak up and report their suspicions. Do not worry about being wrong. If something seems wrong, please report it.

4. Have a Plan for Every Situation – Having a plan is not something just for you. It should also be for your friends, family, and co-workers. Mentally form a plan in case of an emergency and share that plan with others in the event of a possible threat.

5. Avoid Carrying Large Amounts of Money – Refrain from carrying a large amount of money in the event that you are a victim of robbery.

6. Walk-in Well-Lit Areas – If walking at night or early morning, try to take the best route using areas that are well lit. Criminals will think twice before committing crimes if the area is brightly lit.

As always, anyone with information is encouraged to submit any tips regarding crime within the city of York. Tips can always be anonymous.  

Instructions for submitting tips:  

1) Click on submit a tip  

2) Fill out all available boxes  


Email / Call D1C Baez: / 717-654-5264    

Call York County Crime Stoppers at 755TIPS 

 York City Police Tip Line at 717-849- 2204  

York City Police Department at ‪717-846-1234