Operation Call-Out

On October 25th, 2022, York City’s Group Violence Intervention (GVI) team held a Call-In where carefully selected participants were provided a message of the consequences of engaging in gun violence. This message included speakers from the United States Attorney’s Office, York County District Attorney’s Office, and the York City Police Department. Furthermore, these participants were offered assistance to escape from group activity and were asked to share the message with their associates. Lastly, a warning was delivered that the shootings must stop, or else heavy law enforcement action would occur.

On Tuesday, December 6th, York City experienced its first homicide since the Call-In. As a direct result, the United States Attorney’s Office, ATF, United States Marshals, Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police, York County’s Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, York County Probation, and the York City Police Department worked collaboratively on an operation coined “Operation Call-Out”, which resulted in the following outcome.

Operation Call-Out Details

  • 8 individuals federally indicted on firearms charges
  • 16 individuals arrested for firearm and/or drug charges
  • 12 recovered firearms
  • 26 people arrested for outstanding warrants (48 total warrants)
    • 6 from the United States Marshals Service
    • 20 from the York County Sheriff’s Office
  • Quantities of cocaine and marijuana were seized

While the primary concern is keeping individuals safe, alive, and free, these enforcement efforts demonstrate that these partners will not tolerate the gun violence.