Neighborhood Safety Patrols

✔️"Increasing Police Presence in Our Neighborhoods"🌟....

🗣️ #EffectiveToday📢,

You WILL begin to see what we are calling 🚨"#NeighborhoodSafetyPatrols"🚔 posted throughout the City🏡 (at various times, in various locations). Officers assigned and strategically deployed to "Fixed👮🏻‍♂️👮🏽‍♀️ Locations"📍in our Neighborhoods to HELP:

  •Increase Safety

  •Engage with Residents

  •Help Discourage Violence

  •and Provide an increased "Sense of Security"🛡️ for the residents, business owners and visitors who live, work, visit and reside there🙏🏽.

*Note: While we'll be deploying Officers based on the Crime Data, Trends, and Investigative information; if you're having an articulable issue and you'd like to get your neighborhood on the list for these routine "Neighborhood Safety👣 Foot Patrols"....

💁🏽‍♂️ -You can "Submit a Request" (with the details) at > Services > Neighborhood Safety Patrols

   💻"Neighborhood Safety Patrols"🖱️

(Just let us know where you need us to go

and why).

Because (no matter what),


🛡️ #StandingGuard🌟