Men's Day Message - Cornerstone Baptist Church - 11/14/2021

You’re Invited!

On Sunday, November 14th, 2021, at 11:30am, Commissioner Michael Muldrow will be delivering a “Men’s Day Message” at Cornerstone Baptist Church (629 S. Pershing Ave York, PA 17401).

Commissioner Muldrow would like to invite ALL of his friends, family, fathers, mothers, grandparents, officers, colleagues, former teammates, people who may be tired, people who may be hurting, and most importantly "the young people" of this community to Come Out (bring someone out with you), and STAND with him; as we Touch & Agree, Hear what God has to say, Pray for Our City, and get ourselves Ready to Move, to Heal... to take THIS THING (what we're doing here in York) to the Next Level.... #TOGETHER