Fund Raiser for County Motorcycle Unit

Motorcycles and policing have gone hand in hand for some time.  It was one of the original forms of conveyance for Officers and became so popular shows, like CHiPs, were made about it.  In York County some Police agencies still use motorcycles.  But mainly in recent times it has become limited to certain traffic details, parades, and Honor Guard Duties.  Funding has become problematic and many agencies throughout York County struggle to keep their Motorcycles on the road.  Recently a fund raiser was done to support the York County Motor Unit and it shows when Government organizations receive support from their leadership and the public, great things happen.  Thank you, Mayor Helfrich and Chief Bankert, for supporting the York County Motor Unit.  And a special thanks to organizations like Gift Horse Brewing Company for continuously supporting First Responders in York City and throughout York County.