2019 Police Officer of the Year - Daniel Kling

The York City Police Department is proud to announce that the 2019 Police Officer of the Year has been awarded to Officer Daniel Kling. Officer Kling has served the York City community for nine-years. During this time, Officer Kling has spent time in the patrol division, neighborhood enforcement unit, and Group Violence Intervention (GVI) units. Officer Kling currently serves as a detective in the Investigative Division.

In addition to the various units, Officer Kling serves as a Taser, ASP, and defensive tactics instructor. While on duty, Officer Kling routinely engages with the community and is committed to strengthening the relationship between the community and the police department.

Officers Kling’s 2019 contribution, as part of the GVI unit, has led to the following:

  • 56 Felony Arrests
  • 105 Misdemeanor Arrests
  • 457 Warrants Served
  • 31 Firearms Recovered
  • 9 lbs. of Marijuana
  • 7 oz. Cocaine
  • 6 oz. Heroin
  • Seizure of $46,854

We would like to thank Officer Kling for his dedication to the City of York.

Congratulations, Officer Kling!