Suspicious Person - Impersonating an Officer

UPDATE 11/21/2019 2100 HRS (9;00PM)

Based upon assistance from the Community as a result of this initial post, as well as vigilance of officers and a local business, this evening, WYBPD Officers did apprehend the suspect in this case. The suspect is a juvenile & we are still working to develop a motive.  The individual has been released to the custody of their parents, and we are working with the DA's Office & Juvenile Probation to determine the most appropriate charges / course of action.  I would like to thank all who called or contacted us for your commitment to the safety and well being of our residents and of OUR- ALL OF US- Borough! - Chief Millsaps

In recent evenings, we have been receiving reports through 911, as well as social media of an unidentified female knocking on doors and speaking with residents in the South East district of West York (Eberton Neighborhood), who is wearing a police vest & gun and asking for an individual by name. She has also been reported to be shining a flashlight in peoples windows.

This individual is not a police officer or law enforcement official. Please be observant and report suspicious activity.

This female is described to be African American, approx. 5' tall & "younger" (late teens / early 20's) with braces on her teeth. She is to have curly hair, and was last seen in a red shirt, ripped jeans, with a blue scarf partially covering her face. She is to be wearing a black colored "POLICE" tactical vest and carrying a pistol on a shoulder holster. She has been in the neighborhood generally in the evening hours.

If seen, please call 911 immediately. 

Incident Date: 
Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 9:18pm

Incident Type:


1281 W. Poplar Street
York, PA 17404