As a Municipal Sub-division within the Commonwealth, West York is a Borough and as such, is governed by the Pennsylvania Borough Code.  The West York Borough Police Department falls under the purview of the Executive Branch of local government, and thus, under the authority & oversight of the Executive Office of the Elected Mayor.  The Mayor delegates his authority to the career members of the Police Department, and specifically the Office of the Chief of Police and Public Safety.

Although the Police Chief has complete oversight over all aspects of police function, operations, and administration, the various units and divisions of the agency fall under a structured chain of command.  Beneath the Chief of Police is the Agencies Senior Staff Officer (Lieutenant) who directly oversees agency administrative & support services, major crimes, criminal intelligence, and logistics.

On an operational level, the Lead Inspector of the agency has direct oversight of criminal investigations, professional standards, and the Codes Enforcement & Nuisance Abatement Squads.  Our Patrol Squadron, as well as Bureau of Special Operations is overseen by two (2) Corporals, who are tasked with the "Mid-Level Supervision" of the agencies ten (10) patrol officers and single K-9 unit.