Under the Executive Office of the Mayor, the Bureau of Police is organized through various offices, divisions, and units. Specifically, the Office of the Chief of Police is the final authority for all policies, procedures, and activities of the Department and its members in support of the Department’s mission and vision. The Chief is also responsible for the development and strategic analysis and planning by identifying crime & problems and implementing innovative policing to support community needs.

Patrol Operations

The Patrol Squadron carries out our agencies goals throughout the Borough and is divided into two Platoons, Alpha and Bravo. Each platoon consists of one (1) Corporal, Four (4) Full Time Officers, and one (1) Part Time / Reserve Officer. The Patrol Squadron is the backbone of the Department and the largest division, with twelve (12) personnel assigned.

Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigative Division is responsible for the investigation, follow up and guidance to the agency in the apprehension & prosecution of serious criminal activity. CID is broken down into two squads, the Violent Crime & Criminal Intelligence detective and the Special Victims and Family Crimes detective.

Bureau of Special Operations

The Special Operations Team comprises our specialized units and personnel assignments, such as the K-9 Unit, the Bicycle Patrol Unit, the York County Quick Response Team (QRT), the Attorney General's Cyber Crimes Task Force, and the York County Forensic Team.

Administrative & Staff Support Unit

Our Administrative & Staff Support Unit oversees the major administrative, technical, and business functions of the Department, administrative support, and Information Technology, and clergy services through the police chaplain program.