Indecent Exposure Arrest

Police received a phone call from a concerned father who advised that his daughter, on Monroe St. is upset due to her neighbor exposing himself by sun bathing. While on the phone, police received a dispatch to the exposed male. 

On scene complainant stated "I don't know what to do,I have children, I can't even let them out to play, I have to keep them inside." complainant immediately showed police a picture on her cell phone of the male naked with his buttocks exposed. The picture was a view from her kitchen door which overlooks her backyard. She advised the male is currently in the backyard without clothing on. 

Police observed the male laying on his stomach on a large towel. He explain he has been sun bathing nude for a week. Due to children nearby the area, male as taken into custody.

Incident Date: 
Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 11:00am


1700 Monroe St.
York, PA 17404