York City Police Historian

In any organization there are members who take great pride in its history.  The York City Police Department is no exception.  Sgt John Stine (retired) of the York City Police Department has spent a tremendous amount of time collecting and categorizing articles and memorabilia from not only the York City Police Department but also other agencies throughout York County. 

Sgt Stine worked for the York City Police Department for 30 years and retired in 2000.  His dedication to Law Enforcement continues well after his retirement.  In 1995 Sgt Stine became a founding member of the Police Heritage Museum. This brick and mortar museum was originally located on the second floor of the Royal Fire Company, with small displays, then moved for several years to 54 W. Market St.  After that it has moved several more times over the years.  Sgt Stine’s involvement in this has been relentless and he remains one of the directors on the board. 

Along with his work at the Heritage museum Sgt Stine is an author of the history of the York City Police Department.  This article is used on the York City Police’s site (yorkcitypolice.com) as the history of the department.   Due to his continuous involvement in both the York City Police Department and the Police Heritage Museum, Sgt Stine was named the Historian of the York City Police Department.  Chief Bankert honored him recently during a small presentation.  In upcoming months Sgt Stine will continue to work on various historical articles on Law Enforcement.