York City Officers make Quick Work of Robbery Crew (Thanks to Cameras, Community Cooperation, and Great Teamwork)

On Monday, April 19th, 2021, we reached out to our community (in a "message from the Commissioner") after picking up on a concerning trend that occurred over the past weekend. After reviewing investigative reports, patrol sergeants had linked together several robbery incidents. These incidents showed an alarming pattern in which a group of four individuals were targeting people walking to and from work in the early morning hours across the city. This information was immediately shared with the leadership team at which time an emergency "think tank" was convened and "action steps" were put into place. These actions involved an increase in patrols, covert deployments, investigator follow-ups, and the circulation of information to local law enforcement partners. 

On Tuesday April 20th, 2021, thanks to images obtained from surveillance camera footage in the area, Officers from the York City School District observed one of these individuals and with the help of York City police units were able to quickly detain him. The individual was then turned over to York City detectives who were able to further the investigation which resulted in charges being brought against that individual and subsequently identifying the other three involved in the short spree of armed robberies. 

One week later, thanks to the great teamwork by local officers, some of the stolen property, along with an illegally possessed  "ghost gun" (believed to have been used in the crimes) were recovered. Three of the four suspects were located and charged as  adults. Charges were also brought against the fourth suspect who is yet to be arrested.
The three charged in this armed robbery spree are identified as:

• William Calderon (16 years old)
• Alexander Chamorro (17 years old)
• Ethan Rosenboro (14 years old) 

The York City Police Department would like to thank the community and all other other partners involved in the identification and apprehension of these suspects.