Three Priorities of the PD

Chief Bankert has established three priorities for the Police Department:

Gun Violence

Heroin Overdoses


Each priority has its own distinct impact on the community and therefore needs specialized attention. Gun violence is addressed through the Group Violence Initiative (GVI), which can be explained further on the GVI page on our website.   Heroin is a national epidemic and York City is not immune.  This priority is addressed through law enforcement and support and outreach, much like GVI.  The illegality of heroin is only one step towards its reduction, as heroin has become a community health issue.  The department addresses the issue of heroin from the law enforcement component of enforcement and partners with the York County Drug Task Force (YCDTF).  Additionally, the department works with local groups and participates in programs such as warm hand – offs, where officers follow up on overdose victims to guide them toward recovery.  Recruitment has become an issue with law enforcement over the last ten years with applicant levels dropping drastically.  This includes those applicants that are considered under-represented, which includes women and minorities.  Chief Bankert has devised a recruitment plan with short term, medium term and long-term goals, which can be found on our recruitment plan.