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Police entered the parking lot west of 1505 W. Market St to conduct a foot patrol in the area. As officers exit their vehicle I observed a blue Nissan sedan bearing Pa registration KPZ-4592, occupied by three subjects. The vehicle pulled out of the parking spot and drove by police to exit the...
Officers have received multiple complaints of vehicles being rummaged through in the North side of West York Borough. More specifically, the latest targeted streets have been Filbert St. and Stanton St. If you see any suspicious activity near vehicles please notify police.

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Police performed a search warrant on a home near West York High School. Discovered in the house was to be a firearm along with narcotics and a large amount of money.
Police observed and stopped a Black Cadillac SUV (PA KKE-2767), as believed the driver to operating with a suspended driver's license. The driver initially ID herself as Carmen Perez-Dominguez with a DOB of 1/3/75, and claimed the vehicle was her sister's . The driver then stated she had no ID and...