West York Borough - State of Emergency COVID-19

Please be advised that as of 12:00 pm, March 12, 2020, the Hon. Bruce Vick- Mayor of West York Borough, has declared a State of Emergency that will remain in place for 30 days. This was subsequently ratified by Borough administration and approved by the West York Borough Council.

This State of Emergency specifically relates to the current status of an increased number of diagnosed cases of the COVID-19 virus in Pennsylvania and the Northeast United States.

During this period, the West York Borough Hall (located at 1381 W. Poplar Street) will be closed to all public traffic during business hours, as well as all public & charitable events that generally take place in the Borough facility.

West York has currently implemented an Emergency Operations protocol, and will be providing updates to residents as alternate systems for Borough business evolve. For now, all payments of utility bills, permit fees, etc. will be handled through the secured drop box in front of the facility or US Postal Service, and online payments can be made at westyorkpa.gov. All communications & questions for the Borough Administration should take place via phone, email, or the West York Borough Facebook page. We are developing a system for public meetings which would allow for residents to call in or submit questions in advance for public comment, as well as live stream the meetings to the public.

It is the Mayor & Borough’s intent to curb or diminish the possible spread of the COVID-19 virus in the West York area, and it is important to note that at this time, we are unaware of any diagnosed cases within West York or York County.

The Borough Administration can be reached at (717) 846-8889. Please follow our Social Media Facebook page for updates and status changes. Two email addresses have been established for public communications during this time:

Covid19@westyorkpa.gov – Concerned resident’s & businesses can contact us here to request information and updates about COVID-19 health recommendations, as well as to report known cases of COVID-19 diagnosis.

emergencyoperations@westyorkpa.gov – This can be used for all contact & questions of Borough Administration throughout this time period.

Likewise, the West York Borough Police will be providing real-time broadcasts via their CrimeWatch site, which can be followed by downloading the CrimeWatch app or via the Police website at WWW.WYBPD.ORG  Residents in need of police assistance should contact the police department via York County 911, or for non-incident related needs at (717) 854-1975.