Press Release - Home Invasion

News Release

On June 19, 2019 at 0345 hours the West Manchester Township Police were dispatched to an address on East Berlin Road for a home invasion in progress.  The homeowner called 911 and said that someone was breaking into the residence.  The homeowner, Trevor Taylor, was woken up by a loud bang and breaking glass.  Taylor retrieved a firearm and told his wife to call 911 and remain with their three children.  Taylor investigated the activity downstairs and discovered Zachary Lomenzo lying on the floor in his kitchen in front of the broken window.  Taylor pointed his firearm at Lomenzo and directed him to get out of the house.  Lomenzo stood up and Taylor pushed him outside the house through the broken window.  Taylor then told Lomenzo not to move or he would shoot him.  Lomenzo yelled at Taylor and attempted to reenter the home through the window.  Taylor punched Lomenzo in the face from inside the house and knocked him to the ground as he was trying to come back inside.  Taylor cut his hand badly from broken glass during the altercation with Lomenzo.  Officers arrived at the home and took Lomenzo into custody.

Both Zachary Lomenzo and the homeowner were transported by ambulances to York Hospital for treatment.  Lomenzo was later arraigned on the charges of Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Defiant Trespass, and Criminal Mischief.  Lomenzo is being held on $150,000 monetary bail.