IDENTIFIED - Theft from Vehicle at Walmart



On 05/21/2019 at approximately 17:07 an officer with the West Manchester Township Police Department took a report for a theft from a vehicle parked at Walmart.  The victim advised the officer that he was at Walmart earlier that day and parked his vehicle in the side parking lot near Lawn and Garden and the Automotive departments.  He said that he parked his medium blue Dodge pickup, which has a blue cap, in the lot at approximately 1520 hrs.  He told him that he had locked his doors but left the windows down slightly due to the heat.

The victim stated that when he returned to his vehicle at approximately 1600 hrs he found that the doors were now unlocked.  He told the officer that he then noticed that multiple gift cards were now missing.  

Surveillance video was obtained from Walmart which depicted two suspects at the vehicle during the time of the theft.  One of the suspects can clearly be seen entering the vehicle while the second suspect acts as a look-out.  A surveillance photograph has been attached which shows the suspect who entered the vehicle.

If anyone has information pertaining to the identity of this suspect please contact the West Manchester Township Police Department.

Thursday, June 20, 2019
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