Attempt To Identify - Retail Theft at Kohl's



On 06/08/2019 an officer of the West Manchester Township Police Department        responded to Kohl's, 200 Town Center Drive, for a retail theft in progress. He was notified that the two suspects left the store with the merchandise prior to his arrival. One suspect left the area in a red Ford Focus.  He checked the area for the vehicle prior to going to Kohl's, but could not locate the vehicle.

Upon arrival, he spoke with the complainant who is employed by Kohl's as a Loss Prevention Officer. He explained that a light skinned female wearing a grey tank top walked into the store at approximately 1731 hours and the loss prevention officer began to watch her on the surveillance cameras. He watched this subject select multiple items in the Women's clothing department, which included some dresses. The subject did enter the fitting room with some dresses at approximately 1743 hours and exits at 1750 hours. The subject then meets with another female, white female wearing a red shirt, in the shoe department. The female wearing the grey tank top selects different pairs of shoes, and proceeds to cut the hard security tags off the shoes with a yellow pair of tin snips. She then places several pairs of shoes into a black and gold bag that was brought into the store by the female wearing a red shirt. The female wearing the red shirt watches the other female place the shoes in her bag and is full aware of what is taking place. The two females exit the store (separately) at approximately 1806 hours. The female with the red shirt exits the store, passing all points of sale, without purchasing any merchandise with the black and gold bag containing the shoes.

The loss prevention officer stated that he attempted to stop both females outside of the store. The female with the grey shirt stated that she did not have anything and left the area. The female with the red shirt did not stop and entered a red 2004 Ford Focus. He obtained a registration tag and provided the officer with this information. He provided a receipt for the merchandise ($184.96) and a written statement.

The light skinned female wearing a grey tank top remains unidentified. 

Anyone who is able to identify the suspect is encouraged to contact the West Manchester Township Police Department at (717) 792-9514.

Monday, June 24, 2019 (All day)
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