Attempt To Identify - Retail Theft



On 04/28/2019 at approximately 08:28 am an officer from the West Manchester Township Police Department was dispatched to Giant at 1255 Carlisle Rd for a retail theft report.  The theft had occurred on 4/26/19 at 4:47 pm. The officer spoke to the store loss prevention officer who had reviewed video and found the following.  

On the day and time listed a grey sedan with heavily tinted windows pulled into the store parking lot.  A young looking black female got out of the passenger side.  The female had her hair in a pony tail and was wearing glasses.  The female had a pink hooded sweatshirt on and black yoga pants.  

An older black male then got out of the drivers side.  The male was wearing a blue sweatshirt, jeans, a blue hat, Timberland type boots and sunglasses.  

The pair entered the store and went to the soda isle.  In the soda isle both the male and female selected items and put them in a cart.  The female then went around the store selecting the other items and placing them in the cart.  The female then pushed the cart out of the store without first paying the required fee of $355.00.  The employee stopped the female in the fire lane and asked for her receipt.  The female refused to come back into the store.  The female told the employee that her mom had the receipt in the car.  The female then left the cart, ran into the lot, and jumped into the car which left.

Anyone who is able to identify the suspect is encouraged to contact the West Manchester Township Police Department at (717) 792-9514.

Sunday, April 28, 2019 (All day)
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