Welcome Officer Jamie DiMartile

I am happy to introduce our newest police officer, Jamie DiMartile, to all of you. Officer DiMartile was hired by the Spring Garden Township Police Department in June 2017 and immediately started her police academy training In Harrisburg, PA. In addition to successfully completing all the requirements of the academy, Officer DiMartile was nominated as the Class President and made some inspiring remarks to her classmates at the graduation ceremony. Following graduation from the academy in November 2017, Officer DiMartile was assigned to our Field Training Program. Upon completion of the Field Training Program, she will be assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division.

Officer DiMartile is as graduate of Lock Haven University obtaining a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to coming to Spring Garden Township, Officer DiMartile was a Deputy Sheriff with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to her duties with the police department, Officer DiMartile is a 1st Lieutenant with the United States Army Reserves.

We are happy to have Officer DiMartile join our Department.

George J. Swartz

Chief of Police