Spring Garden Officers Recognized for Performance of Duty

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, Officers Joseph M. Bucek and Richard S. Geiger, were recognized by the Spring Garden Township Board of Commissioners and Police Chief George Swartz for outstanding performance of duty. The actions of the Officers resulting in both receiving Chief's Commendations were as follows: 

On August 13, 2021, Officer Joseph Bucek, was dispatched to a call for a report of a sixty-one (61) year-old male who had collapsed from an apparent heart attack. Officer Bucek arrived on-scene within three (3) minutes of receiving the call and observed that the patient was blue in the face, his limbs were pale, and he was experiencing agonal breathing. Officer Bucek was unable to locate a pulse. The Officer immediately started CPR, after which he administered a shock using an AED. Immediately, Officer Bucek noticed that the patient was beginning to breath and his chest rise and fall. Officer Bucek continued to monitor the patient until emergency medical personnel arrived to take over administering care. In recognition of his quick action resulting in saving or significantly prolonging a human life, Officer Bucek was awarded the Chief's Commendation. 

On September 3, 2021, at 12:01AM, Officer Richard S. Geiger, was advised that an armed robbery had just occurred at the Sheetz Convenience Store, 2068 South Queen Street. A description of the suspect's vehicle was broadcast to responding police officers. Within minutes of receiving the suspect's vehicle information, Officer Geiger observed a vehicle matching the suspect's. Verifying that this was the suspect's vehicle, Officer Geiger activated his emergency lights and siren in order to attempt to stop the vehicle. The suspect failed to stop and a pursuit ensued. The pursuit went on to Route 83 South where the Pennsylvania State Police assisted Officer Geiger and the York Area Regional Police in stopping the vehicle using an intervention technique. The suspect was then able to be taken into custody without further incident. As a direct result of Officer Geiger's actions, a dangerous felon was apprehended with no injuries sustained to any party. Officer Geiger was awarded the Chief's Commendation. 

Pictured, are Officers Joseph Bucek and Richard Geiger with Police Chief George Swartz (left) and President Commissioner Daniel Rooney.