Business and Residence Camera Registration Program

Let's Send a Strong Message to the Criminal Element  

Do you own a surveillance camera that records footage such as from home camera systems like Blink, Arlo, and Ring?

When a crime takes place in a public area, we often spend a lot of time going door to door to see if residents/business owners have security cameras and asking them if they would allow us to review the footage. With the Camera Registration Program, we are able to save time by reaching out to our residents/business owners that we already know have cameras and are willing to help-potentially aiding in the apprehension of the suspect(s) responsible for the crime being investigated.  Participation in the Program is completely voluntary.

The process for registering your camera is simple and takes only a few minutes. You will be asked to provide basic information regarding your camera.  The registration form can be found HERE.

Turn your camera into a crime-fighting tool and let us send a strong message to the criminal element that the Spring Garden Community and Police Department are working together as a team to keep our community safe.