July 4th Fireworks Safety and Regulations

Newberry Police wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day weekend. Please be reminded of the following important information regarding fireworks:

1. We asked that residents understand that fireworks are common during the July 4th holiday weekend. We typically receive numerous calls reporting fireworks being set off legally or without accurate enough information to locate the persons responsible. While we do understand that fireworks can cause problems for neighbors, pet owners, those suffering from PTSD and people that still have to work the next morning, we are limited in our enforcement actions to the applicable laws and local ordinances.

2. In most cases, common sense prevails! We ask that if you participate in consumer grade fireworks, you respect your neighbors and act in a safe and responsible manner. Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! We've listed highlights of the state fireworks law as well as local ordinances below:

3. Highlights of PA Fireworks Law

- Purchaser, possessor and users must be at least 18 years old.

- Consent from property owner is required where fireworks are set off.

- Fireworks may not be thrown or ignited from a motor vehicle or building.

- Fireworks may not be ignited into a motor vehicle or building.

- Fireworks may not be used by a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

- Fireworks shall not be used within 150 feet of an occupied structure.

4. NEWBERRY TOWNSHIP - Ordinance 378 (Disorderly Conduct) addresses fireworks. The above state
law applies to all permitted, consumer grade fireworks, however no fireworks
are permitted between the times of 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Read Full Text Here

5. GOLDSBORO BOROUGH - Ordinance 7-102 prohibits fireworks in the borough without an issued


6. YORK HAVEN BOROUGH - Follows above mentioned state law. Information from the borough is
posted on their website.

7. LEWISBERRY BOROUGH - Ordinance 13-304 prohibits display fireworks without a permit.

Read Full Text Here

8. Remember, have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Our officers will be out doing our part to keep our citizens and roadways safe! This includes aggressively targeting those who choose to drive drunk, high or otherwise impaired.