K9 Unit


It is with heavy and sad hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved K-9 Officer Tazer. K-9 Tazer’s health recently deteriorated to the point that he had to be laid to rest on 01/23/19. K-9 Tazer was a true warrior to the very end and will be missed by many. We would like to thank K-9 Tazer for his dedicated and selfless service to the residents of Newberry Township and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Rest in Peace Tazer.

Tazer’s Legacy

The Newberry Township Police Department acquired K-9 Tazer in August of 2010 who was partnered with Officer Christopher Martinez. Tazer, was a black and tan German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. In October of 2010, Officer Martinez and Tazer attended Castle’s K-9 Training Academy in Mechanicsburg, PA. After completing the vigorous 250 hour training course, Officer Martinez and Tazer certified as a K-9 team through the North American Police Work Dog Association, in the areas of: Narcotics detection, handler protection, suspect apprehension, building searches, article searches and tracking. In November of 2010, Officer Martinez and his partner Tazer started patrol duties together. In April 2015, Officer Martinez was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and the K-9 team maintained their K-9 patrol/narcotics responsibilities. Since the start, the K-9 duo have been utilized hundreds of times to assist agencies throughout central Pennsylvania in locating drugs and suspects. The K-9 duo has participated in the search of dozens of schools throughout the mid-state in the fight to keep schools drug free. In addition to their daily patrol duties, Sergeant Martinez and Tazer conducted routine elementary school patrols and public demonstrations at local events.

Throughout his 8 ½ year career, K-9 Tazer was the recipient of two Medals of Valor, a Meritorious Service Medal, and four Chief Commendations.



The police department’s K-9 program was established and maintained thanks to generous donations from area businesses and residents. The department has several fund raising events that we run every year. These events and the generosity of the public allow us to maintain these programs. We are asking anyone that would be interested in donating resources to the program to contact Sergeant Christopher Martinez at 717-938-2608 ext. 106 or his email cmartinez@newberrypd.org

Any donated funds will be placed directly into our T.E.A.M. account and used only for those reasons. We raise money from the public to support our school anti-drug programs and the continuation of the departments K-9 program, so that tax payers can receive this service with no tax dollars being spent on the costs to start and maintain the program.

Citizens and businesses can send donations to the department written to Newberry Township-T.E.A.M.

The Newberry Township Police Department would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Hartman and the staff at Valley Green Veterinary Hospital for its continued support of the program. VGVH provided free veterinary care for K-9 Tazer and was a big part of making the K-9 program possible. Dr. Hartman not only provided free care to K-9 Tazer, but also provided the K-9 team with medication and dog food at no costs to the department. Dr. Hartman and VGVH will continue to provide services for the continuation of our program. We rely on VGVH for professional, routine veterinary care as well the resource of emergency care if needed. Check out VGVH at http://www.valleygreenveterinaryhospital.com