LWTPD recently had a door-to-door sales pitch for “extra asphalt” for a driveway.  Homeowners beware!

We warned residents back in July of this year and just recently discovered these scammers are back in the area.  These scammers are now going door-to-door claiming to have "left-over asphalt."  Please be warned that this is a scam.

If someone shows up at your home unannounced with claiming to have a load of asphalt and a special price to pave your driveway, don’t let yourself be rolled over. Asphalt paving scams are nothing new, but the summer months mean the scam is back in full swing. If you have a blacktop driveway or are in need of a repair, don’t be surprised if you receive a knock at your door offering you a too-good-to-be true deal on asphalt.

Reputable asphalt contractors will rarely — if ever — sell their product door-to-door. They also know with great accuracy how much material they need to finish a job and don’t usually have any left over.

LWTPD advise people to be wary of pavers who say they just happened to be in the neighborhood or have asphalt left over from another job.  Some of these companies target seniors with high pressure sales tactics then once the work is finished they try to charge them a higher price than originally quoted. Often there is no written contract and the resident ends up paying a lot more than the great deal they thought they were getting.

All contractors must be registered with the PA. State Attorney Generals office. Residents should always make sure to check. Residents are advised that if someone comes to their door offering paving service at a “discount” price they should check the business out before agreeing to any work.