Frequently, the police department is asked by citizens what to do if they are encountering unwanted communications from another person or trespassing.  Depending on the facts of the incident, police officers frequently advise citizens to send the person they no longer wish to have contact from or have trespass on property they own a letter advising them of this.  This letter provides the police department and the citizen with proof that the individual was notified against such actions and that if they do not adhere to the request, they could be cited or arrested for a violation of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Below is a generic letter that may be used to warn another person against unlawful trespass or communications.  This letter should be sent to the individual both by certified mail and standard mail.  You should also retain a copy for your records as well as send a copy to the police department in which the property is located or where the person sending the letter resides. 

PDF icon letter_against_trespass_and_contact.pdf