Police Alert: Telephone Scams Becoming Prevalent

The Fairview Township Police Department wants to warn residents that it is tax season and there are a lot of IRS related scams being perpetrated at this time.  Victims could receive a call advising of an outstanding tax bill and will be threatened with arrest if they don't pay.  The caller will then attempt to get the victim's personal information in order to defraud them.  Residents should be aware that this is not a method that the IRS will use to contact them if there is a problem.  Verification that the call is fraudulent can be obtained by hanging up and contacting the local office of the Internal Revenue Service in Harrisburg at 717-782-2200.

Another version of this scam involves a message alerting the victim to "allegations" against them and that the police will be responding to arrest them if they don't call a given number back.  This is another attempt to get the victim to give personal information that the scammer can use to profit from.

There are countless scams that criminals are trying to perpetrate against unsuspecting victims.  Attached to this posting are several government web sites that provide information about scams and how to handle these types of calls.  Residents should follow one general rule and that is to never give any personal information over the phone when you are not absolutely certain as to whom you are speaking.  The scammers will be persistent and can be very convincing and threatening.  When in doubt, residents should record as much information about the caller as they can and hang up without providing any of their own information.  They may then contact the Fairview Township Police Department at 717-901-5267.