Clearance Bars to be Installed on Limekiln Road Bridge

Due to large and overweight trucks ignoring the weight restrictions and using the bridge crossing the Yellow Breeches Creek on Limekiln Road, metal clearance bars will be installed next week. Please see the below press release for additional information.

SUBJECT:  Installation of clearance bars at the Slate Hill/Limekiln Road Bridge.

Fairview and Lower Allen Townships will be installing overhead clearance bars on either side of the Slate Hill/Limekiln Road bridge that crosses the Yellow Breeches Creek between the two Townships.  The clearance bars will be set at 7’ 6” and are expected to be installed by Monday, June 11th.

The stone masonry arch bridge was built in 1899 and currently has a weight limit of 3 tons, which is often ignored.  The bridge is structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.  York County, who owns the bridge, is studying the cost of repairs to the bridge and has asked the Townships to consider ways to reduce overweight traffic from crossing the bridge.

While weight, not height is the problem, often the height of the vehicle contributes to an overweight situation.  By installing the clearance bars, the Townships hope to reduce the number of overweight vehicles using the bridge.  Additional measures, such as increased police enforcement and video surveillance, are being considered.


FAIRVIEW TOWNSHIP,  Donald F. Martin (717) 901-5210

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Thomas G. Vernau, Jr. (717) 975-7575 x1001