Black Bear Sightings

Over the past two days, several residents on Springers Lane, New Cumberland, have reported seeing a black bear, including on the porch of one home. This time of year, bears have recently come out of hibernation and are seeking food sources.  While bears will generally avoid human contact, food such as bird feeders, pet food, grill grease traps, and garbage will attract the animals. Bears eating close to homes can lead to property damage or even injuries to people or pets.

Fairview Township residents are encouraged to take their bird feeders in at night and keep their grills and garbage cans in a garage or shed to try and reduce the chance of an unexpected encounter. Before letting your dog out at night, it is a good idea to turn on a light or use a flashlight to make sure the bear is not in your yard first.  If you happen to see a bear in a residential area, please do not approach it and notify police by calling 911 or the PA Game Commission at 814-643-1831 .