2017 Fairview Township National Night Out Community Celebration

One week ago the annual Fairview Township National Night Out Community Celebration was held.  It was a fun evening and a great time to bring the residents together with our Emergency Services, businesses, churches, and other non-profit organizations.  We had a record attendance with an estimated 3,500 people at the event.  In addition to the various activities, we gave away 16 bicycles, a gas grill, drill set, 49" LG television, and many other prizes and gift cards.  Thank you to Newman from Bob 94.9 for not only providing the music and announcements, but also volunteering for the Taser demo.

Many thanks to our sponsors who provided money, food or raffle items.  Without you we would not be able to provide this event to the residents at no cost.  We don't have the space here to list each of them, but please visit the National Night Out page under the services tab on this website for a list of all the sponsors.

Thanks also to the volunteers who worked the event.  Instead of enjoying the festivities, they spent their time working at the raffle area, bounce houses, or other areas throughout the park.  In no particular order they are: John Minito, Kurt Burnett, Tom Galli, Marianne Winkowski, Kris and Vicki Wickwire, Joshua Wickwire, Steve and Sheri Moyer, Mark and DaleAnn Perry, Fred and Jen Seiferth, Kathy Machamer, Sharon Benyou, Kim Patterson, Jess Pearson, Losa Vols, Kathy Evans, Shelly Ettline, Lisa Wagoner, Lisa Crum, Toni McComas, and Karen Rose.

A special thank you to Fishing Creek-Salem United Methodist Church for providing and preparing hundreds of hamburgers, hot dogs, and baked potatoes.  Both the donation of the food and the time of the many un-named people from the church who prepared it is very much appreciated.

We look forward to see everyone back next year!  For photos from the event, please visit the Fairview Township National Night Out and Fairview Township Police Department Facebook pages.