Police Investigating Damage at Red Land High School



The Fairview Township Police Department is investigating an incident where somebody caused damage at Red Land High School by driving their vehicle off of the paved road.  On November 10, 2021 around 11:00 pm, someone drove a silver Kia Sorento off the paved road at the high school.  They drove over the curb in the area of the natatorium entrance, drove through a railing, down a set of concrete steps, and proceeded to drive over several of the athletic fields behind the school before driving through a steel cable at the stone lot and exiting the property.  Numerous car parts were left behind indicating significant damage to the undercarriage of the suspect vehicle.  Damage to school property was significant.

Anybody who may have information regarding this incident are asked to contact the Fairview Township Police Department at 717-901-5267 or by clicking the submit a tip button on this page.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 - 11:00pm

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